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web design and digital branding for your small business

to be competitive in today’s marketplace, your small business needs a cohesive message – a brand strategy, a dynamic website, social media platforms that tell a story and make you available to the people that need you.

but as a small business owner, your precious time is better spent building your business and your dream than pondering social platforms, the perfect picture, or the best time to post.

the goal of any successful branding agency – of our agency – is to streamline that process of creating your digital presence (and show you how to have fun while doing it) so you can focus on the things that really matter, and the things that make you happy.

working hard or hardly working? you know the answer, and that’s the life. 


effectively positioning your small business and services on the web is a key factor in your success as a business owner or entrepreneur – but where to begin?

regardless the size of your business, sharing your message with the masses can be time-consuming and overwhelming, and your time is much better spent doing what you’re best at – your business.

that’s where we come in. the fox life can provide a beautiful, user-friendly website and a comprehensive but easy-to-follow social marketing campaign that takes advantage of your best assets without breaking the bank. we make it our business to stay up-to-date with the kind of creative, time-saving software that will benefit you.


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your website is your home away from home (or business away from business) online and it should reflect your brand personality while giving people an idea of what you do.

together, we’ll figure out and implement a design and content strategy that will not only inform potential and existing customers about your products and services, but that is completely user-friendly (for both you and visitors) while staying up to date with industry standards.

everyone thinks they understand social media marketing until they start posting and their engagement is either limited or nonexistent. there’s no overnight secret to success. it takes time and work to build a connected and worthwhile engagement, and sometimes the return on investment isn’t measurable for months.

the best campaign will highlight what makes your business, products, or services special and tell your story – we can figure out what’s right for you, and show you how to have fun while you’re doing it.

anyone can write, but it takes experience to craft the kind of content that is well-written, informational and makes the search engines sing with happiness.

from web copy that hits all the right SEO notes to blog posts and articles that are not only interesting but engaging, we can help you to create content that will take your business to the next level.

melissa fox, owner, the fox life

the fox life is a small business itself, started up by then a young freelance writer and managed now by a mother two. the road we have traveled is winding and well-worn, but those twists and turns have delivered me to this point where i can use my on-the-job experience to help you find your way.

together we will take the building blocks of your ideas and create something wonderful, your little corner of the internet where people will find you. it isn’t about being a viral sensation or 15 minutes of fame. It’s about building strong connections and lasting relationships, not about the first click, but the next, and the power of a recommendation. create experiences, foster community. this is how we build your brand.

let’s get to work.

utilizing industry standard techniques with SEO and keyword marketing to improve your visibility on the web

ability to customize any wordpress template to your design specifications – the website of your dreams is within reach!

from desktop to tablet to mobile, we always offer a completely seamless browsing experience, including dedicated mobile app design!

we live by the concept that people “eat with their eyes” and hunt for images and concepts that are inspirational, aspirational, and just plain perfect.


the fox life collaborates with a small team of industry professionals in order to provide our customers with a unique, comprehensive experience that leaves you and your business better than when we met.

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