The Fox Life

Welcome to The Fox Life. Need something done? Let’s see if we can help.

The Fox Life, founded by Melissa Fox, provides social media management, content management, and web services for small businesses and brands who need that extra edge on the Internet.

About Melissa

Ever since she could put pen to paper and form understandable words, Melissa has been a writer, but she has a soft spot for all things creative. Not averse to being called a “hipster”, she surrounds herself with things that inspire her – photography, art, music, words… If she could, she would master all forms of self expression – just for the hell of it.

Melissa started her career as a writer with the special features department of daily Bermudian publication The Royal Gazette. Fascinated with her name in the byline, she moved on to bigger and brighter things when she left her small island home for the promise of something more in Canada.

Kicking around at odd jobs and internships, she eventually became involved with fashion, art, lifestyle webzine Think Contra (currently based in NYC) and found herself acting as managing  director for Bermudian fashion and lifestyle online publication Style Bermuda under the watchful eye of editor-in-cheif and Bermuda’s fashion guru Shiona Turini.

Recognizing the shift in the industry, Melissa turned her attention to social media marketing, and now uses her experience to help small businesses build their online presence through comprehensive strategies that engage the community.

Most recently, Melissa’s love of new media has seen her become involved in various web projects – from expanding her knowledge of HTML and CSS to developing web sites for personal and community use. If it can be done, rest assured she’s figuring out how.